15-minute Interval Training Treadmill Workout

Long runs on the treadmill aren’t everyone’s cup of tea and many people can’t find the time in their busy schedule so we’ve created a quick 15-minute treadmill workout that can be modified to suit anyone. This easy to follow workout combines strength and cardio to make the most of your time by burning fat and toning simultaneously.

What You Will Need:

The Workout

Start with a 5-minute walking warm-up

Speed: 4.5 – 6 kph

Incline: 2 – 4 (optional)

  1. 1 min Jog/Run | 30 sec Sprint
  2. 1 min Tricep Extension – Light Dumbbells
  3. 1 min Jog/Run | 30 sec Sprint
  4. 1 min Side Raises – Light Dumbbells
  5. 1 min Jog/Run | 30 sec Sprint
  6. 1 min Bicep Curls 1-1-2 – Heavy Dumbbells
  7. 1 min Jog/Run | 30 sec Sprint
  8. 1 min Squat Press – Heavy Dumbbells
  9. 1 min Jog/Run | 30 sec Sprint
  10. 1 min Crab Walks – Medium/Heavy Mini Band
  11. 1 min Jog/Run | 30 sec Sprint
  12. 1 min Glute Kickbacks – Light Mini Band

Total Work Time = 15 minutes

Bonus Ab Round

If you’re feeling like an extra challenge here’s 2 bonus ab rounds to add onto your workout.

  1. 1 min Jog/Run | 30 sec Sprint
  2. 1 min Dumbbell Crunches – 1 Heavy Dumbbell
  3. 1 min Jog/Run | 30 sec Sprint
  4. 1 min Plank Pull Through – 1 Heavy Dumbbell

Cool Down

It’s important to stretch after any workout to avoid injury and reduce muscle soreness. Get in the habit of spending 5 minutes to cool down and stretch when you’re done and you’ll be feeling much less sore tomorrow. Try our effective cooldown exercises to give your body the recovery it needs.

Using the Foam Roller:

  1. 1 minute IT Band Roll (30sec per leg)
  2. 1 minute Hamstring Roll (30sec per leg)
  3. 1 minute Glute Roll (30sec per leg)
  4. 1 minute Quad Roll (both legs)
  5. 1 minute Hamstring Stretch (30sec per leg)

Choosing Your Speed

Pick a pace that suits your fitness level. We have used Speed 9 for our Jog/Run and Speed 12 for our Sprint simply because these are quick keys on the ST25D.1 Treadmill, allowing you to easily adjust the speed with one click. Your Sprint should be between 90 - 100% exertion while your Jog/Run should be around 60 – 70% exertion. This will vary a lot from person to person and keep in mind the workout doesn’t have rests but instead a 1-minute strength element. While you should feel tired, make sure to choose a pace that allows you to perform the strength interval with good form.

Modification: If sprinting isn’t for you, don’t worry! Instead, make this an incline walking workout. Pick your walking speed between 4.5 – 6kph. Your lower interval (Jog/Run) would be incline 6 and your higher interval (Sprint) can be incline 9 or more. Make sure you’re still challenging yourself by walking at a fast pace and swinging your arms as you walk.


Get some great tunes - Studies have shown over and over again that listening to music during a workout can cause you to work harder and faster while boosting your motivation. We’ve put together a Treadmill Workout playlist on Spotify you can listen to here.

Use the safety Key – all treadmills come with a safety key to attach to your clothing whilst you’re in motion. Avoid injury from falling off the treadmill by using the key and ensuring it’s at a length that the key will release and stop the belt if you slip back.

Set up a timer – for treadmill portions of the workout it’s easy to follow the time displayed on the treadmill screen. For the strength element have a timer ready on your phone set to 1 minute.


To see how to perform the strength exercises, instructions, included timer and music, watch the full follow along workout video here.

Published on 21/02/2020

Last updated on 12/11/2021

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