8 Tips To Get The Best Run On A Treadmill

It’s no surprise that the treadmill is one of the most commonly used pieces of exercise equipment. Look in any gym and you’ll see rows and rows of tall, shiny treadmills. Treadmills allow you to train better and more efficiently and you won’t have to worry about the weather outside in order to complete a workout. There are tons of ways to get the most out of your run on the treadmill. We’ve compiled some basic tips and tricks below for you to use the next time you hit your treadmill.

#1 Warm-up and Cool Down

Warming up and cooling down are essential for a solid workout. Treadmills have various settings to customise your exercises like speed, incline, timer, calorie counter and more. Start with a 5-8 minute warm-up at a normal walking speed. Within those minutes your muscles will be warmed up for training while progressively bumping up your heart rate. This also allows you time to get adjusted on the machine and fix your shoes, headphones, hair etc.

For cooldowns, slow your speed down in a non-drastic way to allow your muscles to relax after an intense workout. A proper cool-down lasts anywhere from 5-10 minutes. When you’re finished, don’t forget to completely stop your treadmill before stepping off of it. After finishing on your treadmill try our effective cool down exercises to stretch your body and aid in recovery.

#2 Incorporate Interval Training

Interval training is one of the best ways to make your heart stronger and more efficient. It helps you burn more calories, while also increasing your speed and endurance. Incorporating interval training into a treadmill workout is easier than you think.

Switch between running and jogging while also increasing your incline based on what you would like to accomplish. Walk for about a minute to rest between intervals, then repeat the entire interval as many times as you’d like.

HIIT (high-intensity interval training) can be anywhere from 4-15 minutes depending on what type of exercise you’re doing and what you’re trying to accomplish. Injuries are more likely to occur if a HIIT workout is over 30 minutes, so be aware of how long you are exercising for and try not to push it past half an hour.

Try our 15-minute interval training treadmill workout.

#3 Refrain From Grabbing the Sides or the Top

The bars on the sides of the machine are not meant to be held during your workout, they are only there to safely help you get on and off the machine. However, if you are older or healing from an injury and need more stability, then definitely feel free to hang onto them throughout your workout to keep balanced.

It can be easy to let your arms hang by your side or even grab the top of the machine, but try to hold your arms at a 90-degree angle to correct and perfect your upper body running form.

#4 Find and Follow Your Pace

Runners who are focused on training for any race should be educated on how to find their proper running pace.

Pace is the number of minutes it takes to cover a kilometre. Running pace is important to help you hit your goal times while also improving your endurance for competitive running.

Treadmills are the perfect tool to find a comfortable pace because of the various speed and incline options you have available to you during your run.

If you don’t work on your pace, you could hit a wall from the depletion of carb stores in the leg muscles and liver. “Hitting a wall” means you’ll automatically feel fatigued and won’t be able to keep a high-performance pace.

It is interesting to note that most running records have been hit by running negative splits, meaning running the first half of the race slightly slower than the second half.

#5 Keep Your Water Bottle Close

Water is another essential component in any workout, especially cardio exercises.

Your gym might be warmer than outside at times which makes you sweat more and in turn, become more dehydrated.

Use the cupholder on the machine to set your water bottle in. Fill it up before a workout, add ice, protein and whatever else you need.

Each rest should include a water break to help refuel and recharge your body to finish your exercise routine.

#6 Focus On Looking Forward

Staying focused on the treadmill can be difficult.

Focusing on something directly in front of you will help push you through a workout and not feel distracted. Some people like to picture themselves running to a certain destination, which is another fun way to keep yourself motivated and focused.

Keeping proper posture and looking forward will prevent any back and neck pain. Not to mention, looking down at your feet is unsafe and can lead to falls or injuries.

#7 Use Music as Motivation

A recent study reported that music can decrease fatigue during a workout.

Study author Dr Marcelo Bigliassi said, “Music is a very powerful auditory stimulus and can be used to assuage negative bodily sensations that usually arise during exercise-related situations.”

Create a playlist with some of your favourite high-energy songs and see how much better your workout is. Or have a listen to our treadmill workout Spotify playlist.

If music is a big part of your exercise routine, invest in a high-quality pair of headphones. If you tend to use more machines, find a wireless pair that fit you well. Try some out and assess how they fit your head and if they can stay put during whatever exercises you’ll be doing most.

Treadmills usually have a couple of spots for you to set your phone down if you’re listening to music, so make sure to use those storage spaces!

#8 Wear Proper Footwear

If treadmills are a part of your daily exercise routine, research and buy a quality pair of sneakers to really crush your workouts.

Treadmills can be dangerous without proper footwear as people tend to run faster on treadmills than on the ground outside. Look for shoes that are firm and grip well. Sneakers that have flat or no laces will prevent potential injuries while exercising.

As always, buy sneakers that are comfortable, lightweight and provide all the support your feet need.

Use these tips to help you find the best way to complete an exercise routine on the treadmill. Educate yourself and you’ll see the benefits! What do you do to get the best treadmill workout?

Published on 02/01/2019

Last updated on 12/11/2021

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