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Cross trainers, also called ellipticals, will give you that full-body workout that you’re looking for. A major advantage of elliptical trainers is that they work both your lower body and upper body, unlike treadmills and exercise bikes.

A workout on a cross trainer can burn more calories than various other exercise machines that only focus on one half of the body, letting you reap the benefits quickly and effectively.

An elliptical trainer is a perfect addition to your home gym set-up as the smooth fluid motion of moving parts reduces the stress on your joints and offers quieter operation noise than other cardio machines.

Whether you suffer from joint injuries or are looking for that full holistic workout, an elliptical trainer can help you reach your goals.

Want to learn more about why we love elliptical machines? Read our blog 7 benefits of using an elliptical cross trainer and learn which machine is right for your fitness goals.

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Cross trainers are an investment and we understand it can be difficult to pay the full cost upfront. So that you can get your cross trainer now, we offer flexible payment options like Zip Pay and Afterpay.

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If you're located in Western Australia, visit one of our stores and we will take you through our different cross trainer models. It’s good to get a feel for the elliptical machine and if it’s comfortable with your body height and weight. Head to our locations page to find a store near you.

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Commercial Enquiries

We stock a range of commercial-grade cross-trainers suitable for commercial usage. Head to our commercial cardio page to view the full range or if you have specific questions, please call (08) 6241 3019 to speak to our commercial team.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Long Should I Be On A Cross Trainer To See Results?

    This depends on many factors like your fitness level, goals, availability, injuries etc. As a guide, 15 - 30 minutes per day will result in health benefits. You will see results faster with longer workouts and higher resistance.

  • Should I Use The Cross Trainer Every Day?

    Yes, you can absolutely use a cross trainer every day. It’s a great way to add cardio to your daily routine while keeping the exercise low impact. However, it’s important to incorporate other exercises like strength training to see the best results.

  • What Cross Trainer Is Best for a Home Gym?

    Cross trainers are generally larger than other cardio machines like exercise bikes. So you will need to have adequate space if you plan on purchasing an elliptical or opting for one of the smaller models. Make sure you choose an elliptical that caters for your weight and height.

  • Cross Trainer or Treadmill - What Should I Choose?

    It depends on your fitness and training goals.

    Cross trainers will give you a good cardiovascular workout without putting as much stress on your bones and joints. This makes them the better choice for people who are prone to injuries. Treadmills are great for people looking to meet a specific goal and enjoy running and jogging. For more information, check out our blog - Cross Trainer vs Treadmills.