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Orbit Fitness has an array of high-quality ski machines available for purchase. They’re a great option for whole-body cardio workouts that also engage many muscles in the body. Whether you’re planning to keep one in your home or use one in a commercial enterprise like a gym, you can’t go wrong with a ski machine. They provide additional variety for your cardio, muscle-building or endurance exercise regimen.

What is a ski machine?

A ski machine (or ski trainer) is a type of exercise device that emulates the movements of cross-country skiing. Using a ski trainer activates the same muscles and makes it feel as though you are walking in the snow. This includes the legs and the core muscles that help you to maintain balance. It’s also a strong aerobic workout that engages your cardiovascular system effectively. Ski machines have the option to be used in a seated position for anyone with mobility issues or leg injuries that don’t allow them to stand. Originally, ski machines were designed to help Nordic skiers train for competition. However, they were repurposed for exercise after discovering how effective they were for overall exercise.

How to use a ski machine

The most effective way to use a ski machine is with the double pole technique. By utilising this method, you get the best engagement for your arms, core and legs. To begin, you must stand with your back straight, your feet hip-width apart, and your arms extended up. Then, you should grab the handles and face your palms inwards. To make the primary motion of the exercise, bend your knees slightly, hinge at your hips, push through your glutes and pull down on the machine’s handles. Make sure you are keeping your arms straight throughout the movement. The motion should continue until your arms have swung past your thighs. To finish off, activate your glutes and push your hips until they are fully extended and you’re standing up straight again in your starting position.

When using a ski machine in a seated position or kneeling position, the method is slightly different. It starts with finding a stable position on your knees or in a seat. While the arm motion is the same as in the standing method, the legs are not engaged in the same way. It functions more like an arm isolation exercise but still engages your core for balance.

Ski machine workouts

You can vary the pace, intensity and resistance of your ski machine workouts depending on your fitness goals. For a high-intensity workout, you will want to be performing the motion near your maximum speed in shorter bursts. This keeps your heart rate high and works your muscles hard. If endurance is more what you’re aiming for, you can try doing longer intervals while slowly increasing your pace. To work on both speed and endurance, you can try to maintain a steady cadence over long periods. For the absolute most intense workout, try doing sprints on the machine with active recovery in between sets. Sprint workouts tend to be used more for the sake of improving performance.

Benefits of using a ski machine

A ski machine provides a novel form of exercise with a range of great benefits. In addition to being great for cardio, it also works your muscles and provides mental health benefits to boot. The way it engages different muscle groups while providing aerobic exercise makes it akin to a rowing machine.

Cardiovascular health

Ski machines offer a low-impact workout that still manages to bring a high level of intensity. It engages the whole body, encouraging the heart to work hard, pumping blood throughout your system. This makes the heart stronger over time, helping it work better and stave off conditions like heart disease.

Muscle training

Ski machines offer a full-body workout that engages a whole host of muscle groups in the body. The balance required by the user engages the core and abdominal muscles. The pulling motion also uses the muscles in the back and arms. And finally, the movement going up and down gives a great workout to the legs as well.

Mental health

Intense cardiovascular exercise has proven benefits for mental health. A solid workout on the ski machine releases a lot of endorphins into the body. These help with hormone regulation, stress relief and sleep. Overall, this leads to positive health outcomes in your everyday life.

Ski machine maintenance

If you want your ski machine to last a long time then adequate maintenance is a must. The main factors related to maintaining a ski machine are cleaning and checking for faults. Being careful and keeping an eye out helps you to get the most from your ski machine.


One useful way to keep your ski machine in good condition is by regular cleaning. After you have finished your ski machine workout, make sure to wipe down the machine. This eliminates sweat and dust which can be stuck in parts of the machine and affect its function. The best way to do this is with a weak solution of water and vinegar.

Find faults

Finding faults with your ski machine mainly involves staying vigilant and noticing anything that’s not working properly. This may make itself apparent through strange noises of the machine not feeling right when it’s being used. If you notice something wrong, it’s best not to try and fix it on your own. This risks causing further damage to the machine. The best idea is to enlist professionals to perform service and repairs.

Orbit Fitness has a range of ski machines

Orbit fitness has an excellent selection of ski machines available for purchase. They come in a range of different brands to suit your preferences. If you’re looking for something different, you can check out our broad variety of other cardio machines like exercise bikes and treadmills. Feel free to visit one of our many locations in WA if you want to have a look. And you can also give us a call if you’re looking for a bit more information.