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Ski trainers sometimes referred to as ski machines simulate the movements of cross-country skiing in the comfort of your home environment. Our ski trainers are made from high-quality components, made to withstand frequent, high-intensity use.

Whether you’re a professional skier wanting to improve your poling power, a rower looking to diversify your workout, or a HIIT lover wanting a powerful full-body workout, the ski trainer can help you reach your goals. 

Ski trainers are a great choice of cardio equipment because they not only offer an effective cardiovascular workout but also help build strength in all major muscle groups. You will strengthen and tone your legs, glutes and upper body muscles all in one smooth movement.

High Intensity - Low Impact 

Another fantastic benefit of ski machines is that they’re high intensity while remaining low impact. They provide a smooth and responsive experience, with ergonomic designs to reduce the impact on your joints while still building your strength and endurance. 

Space-saving & Portable 

If you have a small workout space at home, a ski trainer is the perfect machine for you. Ski machines are highly space-efficient and lightweight. You can easily fold them away between workouts, and if you move they’re easy to take with you.

Fast Australia-wide Shipping

We offer fast Australia-wide shipping on all our ski trainer machines. Your ski trainer will be delivered straight to your door, with very little assembly required. For further details on shipping costs and times, check out our delivery information.

Flexible Payment Options 

While our ski trainers are competitively priced, we understand that they may be a significant investment. To help you get started on your ski training now, we offer flexible payment options. Choose from Afterpay, Zip Pay and many more!

Shop in Store

If you’re located in Western Australia, come check out our ski trainers in store. This way you can get a sense of the size and a demonstration of all their amazing features. Our friendly staff are happy to answer any questions you have and help you make the right decision. Head to our locations page to find a store near you.

Get in Touch

We’re always here to help. You have several options to get in touch with. Give our team a call on 1300 13 42 13 or send us an enquiry online. You can also chat with us via the Facebook messenger chat on the bottom right of the screen. For a quick answer on more general queries like shipping times or returns, visit our frequently asked questions page.

Commercial Enquiries

Our ski trainers are built for commercial use and are suitable for gyms, training centres and sporting clubs. To view our commercial range of ski trainers head to our commercial cardio gym equipment page. Alternatively, give our commercial team a call on (08) 6241 3019 to discuss your requirements. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Should I Buy a Ski Machine if I Am Not Planning on Skiing?

    Yes - ski exercise machines provide a great full-body workout while being low impact and are used in high-intensity functional fitness classes all over the world. They’re also a great equipment choice if you have limited home gym space. And if you ever do decide to try skiing, you’ll be overly prepared!

  • What Ski Techniques Are Available on the Ski Trainer?

    On the ski exercise machine, you have the option of a ‘double pole’ or ‘single-pole’ technique. Both these movements are used in cross-country skiing. The double poling technique engages more of your muscles as both arms pull down at once. The single-pole technique uses alternating arms and is the most common technique you would see out on the slopes. There is also the seated option where you sit on a seat and only use your upper body. This is a good technique for those that want to isolate their upper body muscles or have a leg or foot injury.

  • Are Ski Trainers Similar to Rowing Machines?

    A ski trainer is similar to a rowing machine from an aerobic point of view. However, they differ in that they target different muscles and help you train for skiing vs rowing.

  • Is a Ski Machine Good for Weight Loss?

    Yes - skiing is a high calorie-burning exercise that allows you to lose weight quickly. Since this machine mimics the movements of skiing, it’s a great machine for seeing fast results while also being low impact.

  • How Do My Legs Get a Workout With the Ski Trainer?

    Your legs are used to raise your body before driving down with the handles. The activation of your legs helps to engage your lower body muscles just as much as your upper body in each repetition.