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Resistance bands also called booty bands or exercise bands are a home studio essential.

Resistance training occurs when you use an opposing force to tone, build and strengthen your muscles. Resistance bands will not only sculpt your muscles to improve your overall body shape but you’ll be increasing your metabolic rate and improving your bone health at the same time.

Bands come in varying resistance levels which cater for a range of strength levels and allow you to complete an array of exercises. Light resistance bands are perfect for beginners and for stretching and exercises like glute kickbacks which target the stabiliser muscles. Medium resistance bands are great for squats or glute bridges. Heavy resistance bands build power and are great for agility training.

Booty bands are very versatile, allowing you to complete tonnes of exercises at an affordable price. Target your glutes, hips, legs and shoulders with isolated exercises.

Power bands and power tubes are great for anchored and unanchored exercises. Use them for bicep curls and rows, side arm raises, or to help support you with chin-ups and pull-ups.

Exercise bands can be used virtually anywhere, whether that’s in the comfort of your own home, for commercial gym use or even when travelling in your hotel room. 

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