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A press bench is a type of gym bench designed for bench presses. This is a type of compound exercise, using the upper body muscles. You can perform a bench press either with a barbell and weight plates or dumbbells. The difference between a standard weight bench and a press bench is that a press bench comes with an inbuilt rack. The rack is used to hold the barbell between presses.

A traditional bench press (laying flat under the barbell) targets your pectoral muscles, shoulders and arms. Other variations of the bench press, including incline or decline bench presses, target slightly different upper body muscles.

Of course, you aren’t limited to only doing bench presses, you can purchase bench attachments such as a leg extension attachment or preacher attachment to workout other muscle groups.

Ideal for the ultimate home gym set up, our solid and sturdy press benches are cleverly designed so you can achieve more in your workouts or simply work on improving your bench press. All our bench presses come with a high weight rating, meaning you can bench some serious weight!

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A press bench can be an investment, especially when you opt for a higher weight rating, a more comprehensive set-up or a bench press set with weights. So that you can get the bench press equipment you want now, we offer flexible payment options, such as ZipPay and Afterpay.

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If you live in Western Australia, visit one of our stores and check out our bench press equipment in person. We can demonstrate the different bench press variations you can perform, plus find one that will allow you to fulfil your workout program and weight training goals. Head to our locations page to find a store near you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Are the Benefits of a Bench Press?

    Bench presses are great for toning and strengthening the upper body muscles and improving muscular endurance.

  • Should I Get a Press Bench if I Have a Small Home Gym Area?

    Press benches require a larger home workout space because they have an inbuilt rack. If you aren’t planning on benching heavyweights, a foldable weight bench would be ideal. Foldable benches can fold flat enough to slide under a bed.

  • Is the Press Bench Good for Heavy Weight Lifters?

    Yes - a bench press bench is ideal for heavy lifters due to the inbuilt rack. It’s important to check the maximum user weight + weights, to ensure the bench will support you and the weight you intend to lift.

  • Which Press Bench is Best For A Beginner?

    The bench press bench is designed for heavy lifts with a barbell. If you are just starting out with weight lifting, a standard gym bench will still allow you to do bench presses plus many other exercises.