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No gym floor is complete without a range of pin loaded machines. We stock many high-quality brands of single & dual function pin loaded machines, also called selectorised machines. These machines allow exercisers to concentrate on specific parts of the body to tone and strengthen targeted muscle groups.

Orbit Fitness has every muscle group covered with our extensive yet affordable range of pin loaded machines. Our pin loaded machines are all user-friendly and extremely durable, guaranteed to provide reliable performance for facilities and effective results for its members.

Our dual-function pin loaded machines offer the extra benefit of two machines in one, providing more diversity to your gym while saving on floor space.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Do Pin Loaded Machines Work?

    Pin loaded gym equipment lets you adjust the amount of weight you want to lift by using a pin. Moving the pin is very easy for most users and can be done in just a few seconds. Many commercial gyms have more pin loaded machines than plate loaded machines as they are more convenient and user-friendly.

  • What Are The Benefits Of Pin Loaded Weight Machines in Gyms?

    Pin loaded machines allow exercisers to gain all the benefits of weight training without having to handle free weights as you do for plate loaded machines. This makes them very user-friendly, and results in faster changeovers. Simply insert the pin into your desired weight and you are ready to start using the machine. Exercisers can move around to different machines to target different muscle groups throughout their workout whilst keeping your gym neat.

    Pin loaded machines are important to supply equipment options to beginners in weight training. Exercisers can start with very a light weight and progress to heavier weights as they get stronger. Due to the machine controlling the range of movement, it allows users to develop specific muscle groups safely, lowering the risk of injury.

  • What Pin Loaded Machines Are Essential In a Gym?

    Pin loaded machines on a gym floor are always one of the most utilised pieces of fitness equipment. Some essentials we recommend are pin loaded leg press machines, leg extension machines, pin loaded lat pulldown machines, pec fly machines, shoulder press machines, chest press machines, chest fly machines, ab machines & much more.