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A spin bike is an excellent investment if you’re looking to do medium to high-intensity cardio. They’re easy to use and maintain, helping you to exercise effectively and conveniently. You can also find different types of spin bikes depending on your preferences. There are a range of positive health benefits to using spin bikes, making them a terrific choice as a cardio machine.

What is a spin bike?

A spin bike (also known as a cycling bike or indoor bike) is a type of cardio exercise machine designed to replicate road bikes. Among its features are a handlebar, pedals, a seat and a resistance system (flywheel). There are different variations of spin bikes, such as friction and magnetic, which offer distinct riding experiences. Spin bikes are a very popular cardio machine, particularly for high-intensity workouts. However, they are also good for long-distance endurance cycling. This makes them a popular choice with regular cyclists who want the option to exercise indoors. But they are friendly for beginners as well. Many spin bike models are outfitted with LCD screens. These provide instructional videos or live streams to allow users to participate in group workout sessions.

How to use a spin bike

A spin bike is used in a similar way to a normal bicycle or an exercise bike. Begin by adjusting the seat to a level that feels comfortable for you. Then make sure you have a firm grasp on the handles. After that, put your feet on the pedals and begin pedalling. You may adjust the level of resistance provided by the spin bike if you want a more challenging workout. At higher levels of resistance, you may also stand up to pedal harder on the spin bike. Regarding the length and intensity of a spin bike workout, that varies from person to person. Spin bikes with LCD screens often have online classes available as an option. These can help guide your workout plan. Alternatively, consult with a professional about an appropriate workout for your fitness level.

Types of spin bikes

Spin bikes are divided into two main types based on the type of resistance they provide. Friction spin bikes create resistance using the force of the felt pads against the wall of the flywheel. Magnetic spin bikes create resistance using magnets to slow down the movement of the flywheel.


This method of resistance creates an opposing force by having two objects rub against each other. In this case, the objects are the felt pads that rub against the flywheel. The amount of resistance that they offer can be increased by tightening the felt pads until the wheel stops completely. This gives users the ability to engage in high-resistance physical activity. Friction spin bikes use either a chain or a belt for their drivetrain. A chain drivetrain is better at emulating the experience of a road bike. But a belt drivetrain offers a smoother ride and a lower level of noise.


Magnetic resistance works by using magnets that sit near the flywheel. By adjusting the strength of the magnet, a user can change the resistance and intensity level of the exercise. Magnetic spin bikes typically don’t have the same potential for resistance as friction spin bikes. However, they provide a smooth and even ride and have lower maintenance requirements.

Benefits of using a spin bike

Spin bikes offer a range of benefits, particularly for the health of users. In addition to working muscles in the body and strengthening certain organs, there are also mental health benefits to using a spin bike. They’re a great option if you’re looking for a regular form of cardio.

Cardiovascular health

Spin bikes offer the ability to do intense cardiovascular activity in your home. Cycling in general has been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease for many practitioners. It is a high-intensity workout that can strengthen the heart and your overall cardiovascular stamina.

Weight loss

Spin bikes are an excellent way to burn calories and lose weight. Depending on your physical characteristics and level of exertion, an hour of using a spin bike may burn between 400 and 600 calories. Regular use of the spin bike can bring you into a calorie deficit and allow you to lose weight at a satisfying and consistent rate.

Lung health

Your lungs gain tremendous benefits from spin bike workouts. During high-intensity cardio exercise, your lungs engage in deep breathing. Over time, this helps increase their capacity and makes them more effective at oxygenating your blood. It also helps to clear your airway and ensure your breathing is unobstructed.

Leg strength

Spin bikes help you build strength in a range of leg muscles. Throughout each stage of pedalling, your leg muscles get a good workout. In the action of pushing the pedal forward, your quads and calves are engaged. Meanwhile, when you’re pushing the pedal down, your glutes, calves and hamstrings get a great workout. Pushing backwards on the pedals uses your glutes, calves and hamstrings while raising the pedal uses your hamstrings and tibial muscles. This means you’re getting a constant leg workout throughout the time you’re exercising.

Stress relief

Intense cardiovascular workouts release a lot of endorphins into the bloodstream and relieve stress. Regular workouts on a spin bike are good for regulating stress levels. This, in turn, contributes to other health outcomes such as heart health and better sleep.

Spin bikes and exercise bikes

Spin bikes and other exercise bikes are similar but have some key differences to be aware of. In terms of exercise, spin bikes tend to bring a higher level of intensity to your workout. This is because they have a heavier flywheel that requires more force when pedalling. They allow you to increase resistance and stand as you need to push harder. Meanwhile, upright exercise bikes provide a solid but more leisurely workout with a lower risk of injury.

One key difference between spin bikes and other exercise bikes is the riding experience. Spin bikes aim to replicate the feeling of riding a bike on the road. The handles and seat are placed at roughly the same level. This makes it necessary to lean forward in order to hold onto the handlebars. Seat height and handlebar inclination are both adjustable depending on your preferences. The seat position can be further back to allow users to stand while riding the spin bike. Exercise bikes have a lower seat position, closer to the arm handle, to encourage an upright position for cycling. They can be adjusted but not as much as spin bikes.

Spin bike maintenance

Spin bike maintenance is important to minimise wear and tear and ensure your machine continues to function effectively for a long time. This should be done on a fairly regular basis for maximum effectiveness. Spin bike maintenance primarily involves cleaning and checking for faults.


Cleaning is important because sweat buildup has the potential to be a hygiene hazard and potentially encourage corrosion. To clean your spin bike, wipe down the frame, seat and handlebars with an antibacterial wipe. Additionally, scrubbing the flywheel helps to keep it running smoothly. Do this after every use of the bike to prevent any sweat buildup. On a less regular basis, it’s a good idea to clean and lubricate pull-pin assemblies. If you have a friction-based spin bike, it’s a good idea to spray the resistance pads.

Checking for faults

Checking for faults can often be done while you are using a spin bike. Try to remain aware of any strange sounds or vibrations that you notice while using the machine. This may be indicative of adjustments required for the pedals or drive chain. Periodically, it’s important to inspect all the moving parts of the spin bike. This includes the toe straps, top clips, pull pin frame fittings and bottom bracket. Ensure every nut, bolt or fastening device is tight and secure. If necessary, lubricate components like the drive chain, seat post, handlebar post and anything else that moves frequently. It’s a good idea to get your spin bike professionally serviced once or twice a year for peace of mind.

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