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Our range of power racks and squat racks are perfect for any home gym set-up. A gym rack provides durability and comfort for training hard but safely. They are an essential item in any home gym for strength training and come in various styles to suit any sized space as well as being completely adjustable for different users. You can increase your workout possibilities, by adding a gym bench or cable attachments.

Squat Racks

Squat racks feature two uprights and allow for standard exercises such as squatting, bench presses and overhead presses. Some squat racks can hold LAT attachments and also come in a large variety of sizes that can be small enough to store in your wardrobe whilst still holding a lot of weight.

Squat racks are typically easier to move and take up a smaller footprint than a cage, making them perfect if you have a small home gym space as you can move them around if you need to rearrange the equipment. Most squat racks will include a pair of J-hook attachments that hold the barbell, and safety or spotter arms to catch the weight if you need to bail on a lift.

Squat racks also have a lower weight capacity than power cages. Overall they are a great no frill solution at an affordable price that will still allow you to complete many heavy lifting exercises.

Power Racks/Power Cages

Power racks, also known as power cages, are similar to squat racks except they have 4 uprights vs 2. This makes them more stable and able to handle a higher weight capacity. The downside is power racks take up a larger footprint vertically and horizontally compared to squat racks and are heavier to move.

Power racks come with more safety features than a squat rack and you can lift within the cage which makes them safer for big lifts. Power cages are also a lot more versatile, as they include weight storage for your weight plates and allow lots of attachments, like pulley systems, pull up bars, dip stations, and torsonator.

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  • How Are Power Cages Different From Smith Machines?

    Power cages are for free-weight exercises, they give you more freedom of movement as the barbell is not restricted like it is on a smith machine. This requires you to keep the weight balanced which engages your stabiliser muscles, muscles that will not be activated while using a smith machine.

    Smith machines allow you to rack the barbell at any point during the lift by a simple twist of your wrist, whereas, on a power rack, there is no way to secure the bar mid rep.

    You can still squat safely using a power rack as you can set the horizontal safety bars at a specific height so you can drop the weight at the base of your squat without it coming down on you.

  • How Do I Stabilise a Squat Rack?

    Squat racks are lightweight, which makes them portable and great for home gyms. They are designed to ensure that the barbell sits in the perfect spot to ensure it won't tip over, so as long as you're using the squat rack safely and have checked the max load, you don't need to worry about stabilising your squat rack.

    If the squat rack has weight storage pins, adding weights onto them can make the rack even more stable, or If you're using one of the portable two-piece racks you may consider adding some sandbags at the feet if lifting close to the max load.

  • Are Power Racks Safer Than Squat Racks?

    A power rack can be safer than a squat rack in some aspects as it has 4 uprights which makes it more sturdy and features internal safety bars to catch the barbell if you fail on heavy squats. To make the power rack safer it is recommended to bolt to the floor and load the weight storage pins with weight to counterbalance the load.