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Our range of functional trainers offers a multitude of exercise options to help you target different muscle groups and bring diversity to your training routine.

In our range, we offer multi-functional trainers, which include additional features such as a Smith machine & Power Rack. The addition of these features allows you to buy everything in one machine, and maximise your workout possibilities. In all our machines, there is the option to purchase additional cable attachments to increase your variation of exercises even more.

The machine gets its name because it allows you to carry out functional training. This type of training focuses on performing exercises that mimic everyday movements. Functional trainers use cables and pulleys, that allow you to move your body in any direction, which means you can recreate motions that you use in everyday life. Functional gyms are extremely useful for athletes, who can mimic the movements they do in sport and build strength in those particular muscle groups. 

Unlike multi-station home gyms, functional trainers allow you to control the path of motion. In other words, they give you complete freedom of movement, which means you need to correct your technique yourself and there is no assistance from the machine.

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At Orbit Fitness we offer Australia wide delivery on all of our functional trainers, delivered straight to your door. For further details check out our delivery information.

Flexible Payment Options 

We understand that functional gyms are an investment, and paying up-front might not be viable. To get you started on your functional training now, we offer flexible payment options so that you can train now and pay later. 

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If you are located within Western Australia, you have the option to visit one of our stores and test our functional trainers in person. Our friendly staff can provide demonstrations, explain the differences between each model and help you decide on the correct functional trainer for your needs Head to our locations page to find a store near you.

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If you have any questions regarding one of our multi-functional trainers, give our friendly team a call on 1300 13 42 13 or send us an enquiry.

Commercial Enquiries

If you are a commercial customer and would like to know about our commercial functional trainers and prices, please visit our commercial strength equipment page or give our commercial team a call on (08) 6241 3019.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why Are They Called ‘Multi’ Functional Trainers?

    A purely functional trainer will come with cables and pulleys, like our FT1. However, most functional gyms on the market will now come with additional features, such as a Smith machine and half rack. An example of a multi-functional trainer in our range is our Orbit Functional Trainer, the X305, which has a smith machine and half rack built-in. These additional features allow you to add more exercises to your training.

  • Who Is a Functional Trainer Most Suited To?

    When deciding on which strength equipment you should purchase, you need to take into account your strength-training ability and experience. Functional trainers are suitable for those with intermediate to advanced training experience and want to customise movements to suit their unique needs.

    Since functional trainers give you complete control of the movement, it’s recommended that you already know the correct techniques of different functional exercises. If you are just starting with strength training, we recommend multi-station home gyms.

  • What's the Difference Between a Multi-Functional Trainer and a Multi-Station Home Gym?

    Multi-station home gyms provide a fixed path of movement while functional trainers don't. The exercise options in multi-station gyms are restricted, with a pre-determined pathway that you must follow. This allows you to perform the technique correctly and avoid injury. Multi-functional trainers rely on the user to have the correct technique and form.

  • Are Functional Trainers Suited to Home Use?

    Yes - multi-functional trainers are great for home use, as they don’t require a lot of space. They will also save you space, as you will not need other strength equipment since functional trainers allows you to strengthen all your muscles groups.

  • What Exercises Can You Complete on a Functional Trainer?

    There are infinite variations you can do on a multi-functional trainer, but some of the main ones are:

    Abdominal crunch, Standing core rotation, Standing bicep curl, Seated bicep curl, Single-arm bent-over row, Front lat pulldown, Standing chest flys, Squats, Deadlifts, Cable pec fly, Standing cable row, Seated tricep extensions, Standing tricep pushdown, Leg curls, Leg kickback, Standing shoulder press.