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Rebounders are a great option if you’re looking for a solid cardio machine. They use trampolines to allow for low-impact exercises that are suitable for everyone. Rebounders are particularly helpful for people with joint pain, as the trampoline lessens the impact of the workout. They are also quite versatile, allowing for a variety of exercises depending on the fitness goals of the user. Orbit Fitness is the best place in Australia to buy a rebounder for home or commercial use.

What is a rebounder?

A rebounder is an exercise device used to perform low-impact cardiovascular exercise. It is made up of a trampoline and a handle. The user can hold on to the handle while bouncing on the trampoline. A rebounder trampoline utilises elasticated bungee cords to act as suspension springs. Thanks to this, the impact of jumping is lessened. This makes rebounding a useful option for people who may have injuries or recurring pain in their joints. Rebounders have subtle differences depending on the model, so make sure to find one that suits you.

How to use a rebounder

Rebounders are simple to use for people of all different fitness levels. The user should firmly grasp the handles and stand on the trampoline. Then they can proceed to do the exercises they have chosen. Rebounders are used for a broad array of exercises, and the user is able to pick what suits them. The workouts often involve jumping or running on the spot in order to take advantage of the resistance provided by the trampoline. Movements should be faster or slower depending on the demands of the exercise.

What exercises can you do with a rebounder?

Rebounders allow users to conduct a versatile range of exercises. Some of the exercises are bespoke to trampolines and rebounders, whereas others are variations of exercises done in different circumstances. The exercises you choose will depend largely on the parts of your body you are trying to exercise. If you are attempting to get a workout for your core and midsection, exercises such as tuck jumps and bicycle crunches are the perfect option. Alternatively, if you want to emphasise your leg muscles, you can incorporate single-leg squats or high knee lifts into your routine. 

How intense is exercising with a rebounder?

The intensity of rebounder exercise is easy to tailor to your fitness goals. If you’re looking for a higher level of intensity, you can do High Impact Interval Training (HIIT) programs for rebounders. These involve short bursts of exercise done with maximum effort. Or, if you prefer to work on your endurance, there are longer cross-training exercises that you can also check out. Alternatively, you can de-emphasise cardio in favour of strength training. This involves putting a higher level of pressure on your muscles with exercises that emulate weight training. A lot of options are available to you, making this a very diverse fitness machine.

What are the benefits of exercising with a rebounder?

Rebounders have a range of benefits as an exercise contraption. They are incredibly versatile, allowing for a huge variety of exercises depending on your fitness goals. From squats to crunches to tuck jumps, there are very few limitations to exercising on a rebounder. Additionally, the fact that they are being done on a trampoline lessens their impact on the joints. This makes them better suited to people who have recurring pain or are recovering from injuries. While they are effective at working your muscles and doing cardio, they also have other benefits. Rebounders can be used to help people work on their balance and coordination. But most important of all, using a rebounder for exercise means cardio is never boring!

Rebounding for weight loss

Rebounding is a great option if your goal is to lose weight. In fact, rebounding has been shown to be 68% more effective than jogging alone for the purpose of weight loss. Rebounding exercises can be done in short bursts from the comfort of your own home. This means you can do multiple ten-minute workout sessions throughout the day that really add up over time. And due to how versatile rebounding is, you can easily incorporate it into your overall cardio plan. For example, if your quads are tired from running, you can find rebounder exercises that emphasise your glutes instead. This means you maximise the amount of cardio you’re getting but without adding injury risk.

Orbit Fitness has a range of rebounders available

Orbit Fitness has rebounders available from a range of different brands. We have been supplying Australians with high-quality fitness equipment for a number of years. Whether you need something for your home or equipment for a commercial business like a gym, we have you covered. Our products are available for order online, or you can visit one of our locations throughout Western Australia. If you have any questions, feel free to call us for a chat.