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Vibration machines are a great exercise machine to aid post-workout recovery, increase circulation, as well as for rehab purposes. You can stand, lie or sit on the machine to either get a full-body workout or a targeted workout. Anyone who wants to put minimal stress on their joints and ligaments will enjoy vibration training.

The health benefits of whole body vibration training are vast, with everything from toning your core, accelerating weight loss, and reducing cellulite to increasing circulation and improving muscle strength. Their compact design makes them the perfect addition to your own home gym.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Do Vibration Machines Work?

    Unlike regular exercise, vibrating exercise machines create a repetitive upward movement that transfers energy through the whole body causing your muscles to contract reflexively and promotes blood flow which is important, especially for people who are unable to do conventional exercise.

  • Why is Vibration Machine Good For Rehabilitation?

    Whole body vibration training is effective in increasing bone mineral density in elderly people. Whole body vibrations are also effective in reducing muscle soreness after traditional exercise.

  • Can A Vibration Machine Help With Weight Loss?

    Yes, consistent and proper use of a vibration platform can help you to lose weight alongside a healthy diet and reducing daily calories. Your vibration machine can be used at a high intensity to help the body burn fat faster.

  • What Equipment Can You Use With a Vibration Machine?

    To further enhance your fitness level, you can use equipment like dumbbells or resistance bands to add extra load. Check out our vibration machine workout for ways you can use a resistance band and complete more dynamic exercises.