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Kettlebells are an increasingly popular piece of strength training equipment that helps to develop your cardio, strength, balance, coordination and power. Affordable and versatile, kettlebells are a must in your home gym weight collection.

While you may think a kettlebell only works out your upper body, the unique off-centred weight engages your stabilising muscles, such as your rear delts and abdominals, which wouldn’t normally be engaged with other weights like barbells

Types of Kettlebells 

Our range of kettlebells are all high quality and extremely durable, but there are some key differences in the styles. We’ve broken down the differences so you can choose the best type for your training.

Competition Kettlebells 

Competition kettlebells are made from steel and feature a smooth handle that is comfortable to hold. They are always the same size regardless of the weight. This includes the handle diameter, so your hand insertion will never change. 

Due to the consistent size, your technique will stay consistent no matter what weight you choose. This makes competition kettlebells suited to more technical movements. The wide base also makes this type of kettlebell the best for floor-based exercises. These kettlebells are often found in commercial gyms for those who train competitively. 

Cast Iron Kettlebells 

Cast iron kettlebells are the original style of kettlebell. These are made from a solid piece of iron and are a more affordable option than the competition kettlebells. These kettlebells feature a higher and wider handle and are cheaper than competition kettlebells.

Unlike competition kettlebells, cast iron kettlebells increase in size as they get heavier. As a result, the cast iron kettlebells do require adjustments in your technique as you change weights. Due to the larger handle on cast iron kettlebells, you will grip tighter. This can result in more grip fatigue compared to the competition kettlebell.

While you can use a cast-iron kettlebell for single-handed exercises, due to the larger handle it won’t be as comfortable as the competition kettlebells. They are also more difficult to do floor-based exercises like a plank or renegade row.

Vinyl Dipped Kettlebells

Vinyl dipped kettlebells are just cast iron kettlebells with the addition of a vinyl coating, making them slightly more pricey.  Vinyl dipped kettlebells are a good option if you have a home gym without rubber or foam flooring. The vinyl coating will minimise marks and scratches to the floor surface. The vinyl surface will also help to reduce the noise when you drop the weight. 

Urethane Kettlebells 

Urethane kettlebells offer the same advantages as vinyl dipped kettlebells, they will not mark your floors and aren’t loud when dropped. Their build is similar to the steel competition kettlebell except they will show little wear and tear even with heavy usage (no rust, no scratches). 

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Flexible Payment Options 

While our range of high-quality kettlebells are competitively priced, we understand that you may want to purchase multiple kettlebells in different weights and styles and an accompanying weight rack to store them. So that you can get the complete kettlebell set from the start, we offer flexible payment options, such as ZipPay and Afterpay.

Shop in Store

If you are in Western Australia, pop into one of our stores and test out our kettlebell range in person. Our friendly staff can help explain the differences between each type of kettlebell and recommend the best fit for your training needs. Head to our locations page to find a store near you.

Kettlebell Workouts 

Kettlebells are a great equipment option since you can do a variety of exercises at an affordable cost. To get you inspired, check out our full-body kettlebell workout.

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If you have a question about our kettlebell range, please get in touch with our friendly team on 1300 13 42 13 or send us an enquiry. For a quick answer to more general queries like shipping times or returns, visit our frequently asked questions page.

Commercial Enquiries

Need to stock your gym with high-quality kettlebells? Please visit our commercial strength equipment page or give our commercial team a call on (08) 6241 3019.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Are Some Exercises You Can Do With Kettlebells?

    There are endless exercises you can do with a kettlebell, both single-handed and double-handed. Here are some of the most well known, Kettlebell swing, Kettlebell sling shot, Sumo squat, Single-arm kettlebell row, Kettlebell windmill, Kettlebell reverse lunge, Single-arm kettlebell swing, Kettlebell goblet, squat Russian twist, Turkish get up

  • What Is More Effective, Kettlebells or Dumbbells?

    It depends on your training goals. Kettlebells utilise hundreds of muscles in each exercise, giving you a full-body workout. Dumbbells on the other hand are used for isolation exercises. If you are focussing on increasing strength and definition in particular muscles, then dumbbells are typically most effective to target singular muscles and come in larger weights. If you want to increase strength and function with compound movements then kettlebells are better. 

  • Which Kettlebell Weight Should I Purchase?

    The kettlebell weight you opt for will depend on, strength level and the exercises you complete. It’s best to get a couple of different weights so you can add more versatility to your workout. As a starting point, we recommend:

    - 4-8kg for single-arm exercises

    - 10-12kg - best for most basic exercises like the kettlebell swing

    - 12kg-16kg intermediate-advanced strength

    - 24kg - experienced weight lifter

  • What Are Some Tips for Buying the Correct Kettlebell?

    When choosing a kettlebell it’s important to ensure,

    1. You can comfortably grip the kettlebell

    2. The weight is good for your personal needs

    3. You choose the appropriate kettlebell for the type of exercises you plan on doing