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Our home gyms are the perfect place to start when setting up a home gym. Also referred to as multi gyms or multi station gyms, these all in one gyms are jam-packed with exercise stations to give you a total body workout. From strength training to enhancing stability and balance, home gyms do it all.

What makes them perfect for a home gym set up is that you can get so many exercises from just one compact machine, verse having multiple separate machines to target different muscles that take up more space and end up costing more. 

Home gyms have a single or dual weight stack which can vary in size from machine to machine and are easily adjusted with a pull pin. Some home gyms are designed to allow for the addition of weight plates if you want to increase the weight load beyond the included stack.

Complete Endless Exercises

The most common exercise stations you will find on a multi station home gym are:

  • Chest Flys
  • Peck Deck 
  • Lat Pull Down Bar
  • Upper Pulley Station 
  • Lower Pulley Station 
  • Leg Curl/Leg Extension Station 
  • Bicep Curl Bar
  • Ab Crunch Station

Some home gyms have additional stations such as a vertical knee raise station which allows you to perform even more exercises to target your abs.

With so many stations, you can perform a wide range of upper and lower body exercises and with such a great variety of exercises, you're bound to stay inspired and motivated to achieve your fitness goals.

Saves Time & Money

If you’ve ever been to a gym, you’ll know the frustration of waiting for a turn on cable machines or the lat pull down and then wasting time looking around for the attachments you need. 

With your own home gym, you can work out from the privacy of home, with the weight and attachments exactly where you left them. You can exercise whenever it suits you, making home gyms great for those who have a busy schedule and struggle to find the time to go to the gym.

Check out the multi gym workout for inspiration on exercises you can perform.

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Our range of multi gyms are eligible for Australia-wide shipping. For further details check out our delivery information

Flexible Payment Options 

We understand that a multi station gym is an investment. So that you can get your home gym now, we offer flexible payment options like Zip Pay and Afterpay. 

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If you're located in Western Australia, pop into one of our stores to shop our range of multi gyms. Our staff can help you find the gym that will meet your budget and training requirements. Head to our locations page to find a store near you.

Get in Touch

Got a question about our multi station gyms? We’re always here to help.

There are several ways for you to get your questions answered. For product information, you can call one of our stores or send us an enquiry, or for a quick answer, check if your question has been answered in our Frequently Asked Questions.

Commercial Enquiries

All our weight racks are commercial-grade, with varying capacities to suit different sized gyms. Head to our commercial strength page to view the full range or if you have specific questions, please call (08) 6241 3019 to speak to our commercial team.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Muscles Can You Workout on a Multi-Station Home Gym?

    The multi gym allows you to target all muscle groups from your biceps, triceps, pecs to your calves, hamstrings and quads.

  • I Am a Beginner, Am I Better off Getting a Single/Dual Station Gym or a Multi Station Gym?

    Home gyms are absolutely suited to beginners and fitness pros. You can start with a small weight and build up your weight over time and complete a vast range of exercises.

    Single or dual station gyms are great too if you want commercial-grade equipment that allows you to lift a lot of weight. However, with the home gym you get more bang for your buck as you can complete a lot more exercises on the one machine.

  • Do Multi Gyms Come With Body Weight Stations?

    Most multi station gyms don’t come with bodyweight stations, although some may have a vertical knee raise.

  • Which Home Gym Is Right For Me?

    Some home gyms feature more workout stations and are therefore more expensive and take up more room. You can get basic models that come with fewer stations and cable attachments. Which you choose will depend on your budget, space and training goals. You also need to check the weight capacity. If you do heavy weights, then you will need to opt for a home gym machine with the weight stack you require.

    It’s also a good idea to purchase a home gym that allows for weight plates to be added in addition to the weight stack. Some home gyms allow you to add stations and even upgrade your weight stack. So when purchasing a home gym think about your future training needs.

  • What is the Difference Between A Multi Station Gym and Functional Gym?

    Multi-station home gyms provide a fixed path of movement while functional trainers don't. The exercise options in multi-station gyms are restricted, with a pre-determined pathway that you must follow. This allows you to perform the technique correctly and avoid injury. Multi-functional trainers rely on the user to have the correct technique and form.

  • What Are Exercises You Can Perform On a Multi Station Gym?

    Straight arm pull-downs, Horizontal bench press, Vertical Bench Press, Wide grip lat pull-down, Close grip lat pull-down, Chest Press Bent over/seated/upright row, Shoulder press, Incline press, Decline Press, Pec Dec, Knee raises, leg raises & dips (if vertical knee raise station included) Ab crunches, Glute kickbacks Pec/reverse fly, Tricep press down / extension/ kickback.