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Weight plates are an essential gym weight in your home gym set-up. The most common way weight plates are used is on a barbell for weightlifting, but they can also be used for other training styles like functional training. 

When it comes to weight plates there are many styles and materials you can choose from which can quickly become overwhelming. To help you choose the right weight plates for your training needs and budget, we have broken down the differences below.

There are two main sizes of weight plates, standard weight plates and Olympic weight plates. These weight plates fit on different sized barbells, so you can’t mix and match standard and Olympic weight plates on the same bar. Some weight plates also have handle grips which can be great for easily getting weights on and off the bar, and for free weight use in functional training.

Olympic Weight Plates

The main difference between Olympic weight plates and standard is that they go on an Olympic barbell which has a 50mm diameter. Olympic bars have a higher weight capacity than standard barbells, so you’re likely to see Olympic weight plates and barbells at most gyms. On top of this, most power racks and weight benches are made to fit the length of Olympic bars. 

There are different types of Olympic weight plates including bumper and competition, which can also be categorised by their materials including rubber, urethane and cast iron. Cast iron is more cost-effective but not as durable. Rubber is durable, while urethane is extremely durable and doesn’t wobble and flex as much when dropped like rubber. You may use cast iron or rubber-coated plates for bench press as you don’t require an even outer diameter.

Olympic weight plates are suited to those doing Olympic lifting, powerlifting and functional training. The material you go with will depend on your budget, training style and your home gym set-up.

Bumper Plates

A popular Olympic weight are bumper plates. Not to be confused with cast iron plates coated in rubber, bumper plates are made mostly of rubber. 

Bumper plates have the same outer diameter for Olympic lifting and deadlifting, and are designed to be safely dropped from an overhead stance without damaging the weight plates or floor. This is why they’re used in weight lifting competitions and other training styles where you drop weights. Not all Olympic weights are designed to be dropped, just bumper plates.

Colour coded bumper plates are used in competition, whereas plain black bumper plates are normally used in training. There is also the option of urethane bumper plates, which are top of the line when it comes to durability.

Standard Weight Plates 

Standard weight plates are a lot cheaper than Olympic plates and are generally used in home gyms. They have a smaller hole than Olympic plates and are designed to fit standard 25mm barbells.

Compared to Olympic barbells, standard bars have a limited weight capacity. This makes them more affordable than Olympic weight plates but not suitable for certain weight lifting. 

Standard size weights are great for people starting out with strength training and in some cases make more sense in a home gym set-up because they require less space and are more versatile. They may also be preferable for traditional bodybuilding workouts as this type of weight training is all about form and time under tension, you won’t be dropping weights as you do in Olympic lifting. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Weight Plates Should I Buy if I Am Just Starting Out?

    The first step is to decide on your training style and goals. Do you plan on doing heavy lifting or bodybuilder style training with high reps, or functional training? Below is a guide for what we suggest for each training style:

    Heavy lifting = invest in a barbell and some Olympic plates

    High reps = standard size plates and barbell (or a set)

    Functional Training = either or both if you have the space

  • What Weight Plates Are Best for a Home Gym?

    Similar to the above, you will need to think about your training style and goals. If you are wanting to improve your strength and fitness generally and follow workout videos, then small standard plates will be fine. If you are serious about starting to lift and squat heavy weights then go for Olympic weight plates.

  • Which Weight Plates Are Best to Incorporate Into HIIT Workouts?

    For HIIT workouts, we recommend using smaller standard weight plates as they are versatile and come in weight sets. Standard weight plates can fit on both barbell and some dumbbell rods and they’re easy to change.

  • Is It Better to Buy a Weight Plate & Barbell Package or Buy Plates Separately?

    A package is great for beginners because you will need to progress in weight to build muscle. If you are a seasoned weight lifter, then a package could be too limiting as you will need heavier plates. Having a range of standard and Olympic weight plates is a good idea because it opens you up to more training styles.