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Exercise Equipment Mats

Exercise equipment mats are an important piece of equipment for both commercial enterprises like gyms and home exercise setups. They help to provide extra stability while using exercise devices, as well as mitigate potential damage to the floor and equipment. Different exercise mats are available for specific types of equipment like treadmills and stationary bikes.

What is an exercise equipment mat?

An exercise equipment mat is a useful piece of equipment for increased stability and safety during workouts. They are typically made from materials with a mix of elasticity, friction and durability. Popular choices include rubber, polymer, neoprene, EVA foam or PVC plastic. Exercise equipment mats are a staple across commercial enterprises such as gyms as well as in home settings. They are often referred to as fitness mats, gym mats and weight mats.

What are the different types of exercise equipment mats?

Different exercise equipment mats can be specialised for specific types of equipment. They can accommodate the differences among cardio machines or weight setups. Some of the most common ones are treadmill mats, exercise bike mats and weight mats.

Treadmill mats

These equipment mats are specifically designed to be fitted under treadmills. They help to keep the treadmill firmly locked in place without damaging it or the floor. They also prevent the floor from getting covered in sweat. Having a treadmill mat means that dust from the floor has a harder time entering the inner mechanisms of the treadmill. This has the potential to harm the treadmill, so a treadmill mat keeps a treadmill in good condition for longer.

Exercise bike mats

Exercise bike mats ensure that stationary bikes will perform without causing any issues to the surroundings or to themselves. They make sure to keep the bikes firmly in place whilst also preventing your sweat from dirtying the floor. Specialised mats are also available for specific types of exercise bikes, such as spin bikes or recumbent bikes.

Weight mats

Weight mats are used with both free weights and machines. They do the usual job of providing friction to prevent slippage and keeping your floor from getting sweaty. However, they are also particularly valuable for protecting your floor. When using free weights, it is possible to drop them during intense exercise. Having weight mats prevents this from causing serious damage to your flooring.

Where should you use an exercise equipment mat?

Exercise equipment mats are a good fit, no matter where you are exercising. In many commercial enterprises like gyms, the majority of the flooring is covered in gym mats to accommodate the high amount of exercise equipment. In home gym setups, you only need as many mats as are required by the equipment you have on hand. Exercise equipment mats work well on a range of different flooring types such as hardwood, laminate, carpet and tiles.

What are the benefits of using exercise equipment mats?

Exercise equipment mats help you to protect your floor, your equipment and your body. Hardwood floors can potentially be damaged by weights falling on them or other equipment scraping them. Similarly the equipment may similarly be damaged by direct contact with the floor. Equipment mats absorb the shock created by using exercise equipment. This, in turn, reduces vibration and creates more stability. And with more stability, it lowers the chance of accidents. When you combine this with their greater friction preventing slippage, you get a lot of extra safety for users. This makes them invaluable additions to an exercise setup.

Exercise equipment mat maintenance

There are certain things that you can do to effectively maintain your exercise equipment mats. The two main aspects of maintenance are cleaning and keeping an eye out for wear and tear. Due to the mats accumulating sweat over time, this can be a hygiene issue. Making sure to clean the mats with a weak solution of water and vinegar can help to prevent odours or bacteria from forming. Additionally, keeping an eye out for damage to the mats can help you know when to fix or replace them.

Quality fitness has a range of exercise equipment mats

Orbit fitness has a broad array of exercise equipment mats that you can make use of. They are made of different materials and suited to specific pieces of equipment. You can definitely find the one that suits you best. Feel free to visit one of our many locations in WA if you want to browse what we have available. Or, if you want some more information, feel free to give us a call

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Surfaces Will Equipment Mats Protect?

    Our range of high-quality equipment mats will protect a variety of surfaces including hardwood flooring, laminate, carpets and tiles.

  • How Do Exercise Equipment Mats Prolong the Life of Equipment?

    The gym equipment mat will protect dust from entering belts and other mechanical parts. They also help to stabilise the machine and reduce vibration, which leads to less wear and tear on the equipment.

  • What Cardio Equipment Needs a Protective Mat?

    All heavy equipment will need a protective layer between your floor and the equipment. It’s important to get the right size so you have adequate coverage, so get a treadmill mat for a treadmill and a spin bike mat for a spin bike.