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Cardio machines are heavy and like any heavy objects, they can cause damage to your floors. To avoid scuff marks, scratches and dents, we recommend purchasing an exercise equipment mat with any cardio machine purchase. 

In addition to protecting your floors, exercise equipment mats can help reduce noise and vibration caused by the equipment. Take a treadmill for example, when you run there is high impact passed through to the floor. Adding a treadmill mat will help to absorb shock and stabilise the machine. This will make your running experience smoother, protect your floors and prolong the life of your equipment.

Another great benefit of gym equipment mats is that they can double as an exercise mat. Our range of gym equipment mats are comfortable and non-slip, so you can easily use them to do other exercises. You can also use it for strength training, as it resists damage against high impacts caused by dropping strength equipment like barbells and kettlebells

Making a small investment now in an exercise equipment mat will save you money and possible heartache down the track. No one wants to see their exercise machine overheat from clogged up dust entering the parts or having to repair scratches and dents on their flooring.

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Flexible Payment Options 

Since adding a gym equipment mat to your cardio machine purchase adds additional costs, we understand that paying the full price upfront might not be an option. So you can protect your floors and your new cardio equipment from the start, we offer flexible payment options, such as Zip Pay and Afterpay.

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Commercial Enquiries

If you are a commercial customer, you are most likely requiring our commercial gym floor mats

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Surfaces Will Equipment Mats Protect?

    Our range of high-quality equipment mats will protect a variety of surfaces including hardwood flooring, laminate, carpets and tiles.

  • How Do Exercise Equipment Mats Prolong the Life of Equipment?

    The gym equipment mat will protect dust from entering belts and other mechanical parts. They also help to stabilise the machine and reduce vibration, which leads to less wear and tear on the equipment.

  • What Cardio Equipment Needs a Protective Mat?

    All heavy equipment will need a protective layer between your floor and the equipment. It’s important to get the right size so you have adequate coverage, so get a treadmill mat for a treadmill and a spin bike mat for a spin bike.