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Pilates reformer machines

Orbit Fitness stocks a range of premium Pilates equipment, including Pilates reformers to suit your budget, space and exercise needs.

Our range includes the best reformers on the market. Our Pilates reformers are suitable for group classes, clinical Pilates, physiotherapy Pilates and at home use. So whether you want a Pilates reformer machine for your own home or need to equip your Pilates studio for classes, Orbit Fitness can help.

Pilates machines are used to carry out various Pilates exercises. Reformers have many benefits including, building a stronger core, muscle tone, improved posture, increased flexibility and mobility, injury prevention and sports rehab.

A Pilates reformer is versatile. It can be used for gentle low-impact workouts and intense workouts. Reformer machines are perfect for those who have injuries, as the springs provide a smooth range of motion and take the stress off both your joints and bones.

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Our Pilates reformer machines are eligible for Australia-wide shipping. Your pilates machine will be delivered to your door, ready for you to set up and start your training. For further details check out our shipping information.

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Our range of Pilates reformers are eligible for our flexible payment plans, so you can purchase your Pilates reformer now and pay for it in smaller amounts over time.

Commercial Enquiries

If you're a professional Pilates instructor and require multiple commercial-grade reformers as well as other Pilates equipment for your studio, we can help. Head to our commercial class-specific equipment page to view the full range or if you have specific questions, please call (08) 6241 3019 to speak to our commercial team.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do Reformers Work to Tone Your Body?

    If you plan to buy a Pilates reformer, it’s important to understand how they can help with your fitness goals. Due to the resistance provided by Pilates reformers, they are the perfect machine to help strengthen and tone muscle. Movements like a side crunch, recruit your core stabiliser muscles, leading to muscle tone of your midsection.

  • What is a Pilates Reformer?

    The reformer was invented by Joseph Pilates and is a flat bed-like platform that moves back and forth on wheels. Reformer Pilates is a more intense and dynamic version of mat Pilates. A Pilates reformer machine add resistances to your Pilates workout via springs (one of its key features).

  • Is Reformer Pilates Good for Weight Loss?

    Pilates workouts using a reformer are a low-impact form of exercise. It’s great for building strength, toning muscle and increasing flexibility, but not as effective as cardio in burning fat. While it will help to lose weight, it may not produce as fast results as other types of workouts but its health benefits are far greater than weight loss. For more information, see Is Reformer Pilates Good for Weight Loss?

  • Can You Do Reformer Pilates When Pregnant?

    Since Pilates reformer machines allow for more gentle movements, it is a great exercise option if you are pregnant and commonly recommended. If you limit your sessions to particular exercises and ensure you feel comfortable, reformer Pilates can help to build strength to aid in childbirth and recovery. Always consult your health care professional before starting any exercise while pregnant.

  • How Can Pilates Help My Overall Physical Health?

    Pilates reformers focus on building your stability and improving your balance. They also help to improve your posture due to the support of your spine and back.

  • Which Reformer Machine is Best For My Home Gym?

    The brands we stock are high-quality home reformers, which are suitable for any home gym. The best Pilates reformer for you will come down to your budget, height and weight. Some Pilates reformers are foldable, designed specifically for small spaces, so if you are tight on room then a foldable model might be the right reformer for you.