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Gym benches also called exercise benches are designed to support you during various upper and lower body exercises like bench press or hip thrust. 

The benefits of using an exercise bench for your training include:

  • Easier if you are starting off with weight training
  • Assists in muscle hyperextension
  • Allows you to target muscles groups you may not be able to focus on in a standing position
  • Provides support for heavy lifters

There are different types of gym benches used for different exercises including flat benches, adjustable weight benches, foldable weight benches, preacher curl benches, bench press and sit up benches.

You can also add bench attachments such as a preacher curl or leg extension attachments that allows you to complete additional exercises on your original gym bench.

There are many exercises you can do on a gym bench depending on the type. Grab some dumbbells and do some skull crushers or a barbell and weight plates and work on your bench press.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which Is the Best Gym Bench for Home?

    A gym bench is an essential part of any home gym set up. We would recommend an adjustable weight bench as this has the most versatility. These gym benches can lie flat, incline or decline, allowing you to perform a whole lot of exercises on one piece of equipment.

  • Which Is the Best Gym Bench for Small Places?

    Foldable gym benches are ideal if you have a small workout area. Foldable benches can fold flat enough to slide under a bed.

  • Which Exercise Bench Is Best for Heavy Weight Lifters?

    Typically a sturdy flat bench provides the most stability when lifting heavy weight and can be slightly lower to the ground which can feel more comfortable for foot placement. An adjustable incline/decline bench is also great because you have the versatility of performing a range of bench press variations.