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A Smith Machine is a rack consisting of fixed steel rails that allow a barbell to go up and down in a vertical movement. Each model comes with plenty of benefits such as strength enhancement, muscle toning and improving endurance. 

Build Strength Safely 

The Smith Machine features safety catchers to hold the barbell, so you can do weight lifting exercises without causing injury. Smith Machines are the perfect addition to any home gym set up, as it provides the safety you need when lifting weights alone, no spotter needed!

Save Space 

You will need to purchase weight plates to place on the barbell separately. Most Smith Machines have inbuilt weight storage to hold the weight plates, so you won’t need a weight plate rack saving you money and space. 

A Smith Machine is more versatile than you think with many models having the option to add gym benches, cable attachments, chin-up bars and more! You’ll be able to get a total full-body workout without the pricey gym membership.

Many functional trainers include a Smith Machine as well. So that’s always an option if you want to expand the range of exercises you can do on one machine.

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Commercial Enquiries

All our Smith Machines are commercial-grade. Head to our commercial strength page to view the full range or if you have specific questions, please call (08) 6241 3019 to speak to our commercial team.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are Smith Machines as Effective as Free Bars in Building Muscle?

    Since the Smith Machine is so safe, it can give people the confidence to push their workouts further than they would using free weights. The Smith Machine also helps in achieving the correct posture, which can result in higher performance. However, as Smith Machines have a fixed bar movement, you don’t engage your stabilising muscles during lifts. So free bars can help to engage more muscles.

  • What Muscles Does the Smith Machine Work?

    The Smith Machine will work a variety of muscles depending on the exercise you complete, including: Hamstrings Quadriceps Shoulder muscles, Core muscles, Pectorals, tricep, & bicep muscles.

  • How is the Smith Machine Different From A Rack?

    A Smith Machine is a rack, just with a built-in barbell that runs on a fixed track removing the need for a spotter. Power racks or squat racks are much more simple equipment. They don’t have a fixed track so there are no movement restrictions, but are not as safe and versatile as Smith Machines.

  • What Exercises Can You Do on a Smith Machine?

    The Smith Machine makes any weight lifting exercise safer. The number one exercise you will see people use a Smith Machine for is squats, but there are a whole range of exercises you can complete, including: Flat, incline, decline bench press, Shoulder presses Hip thrusts, Front, back, split, frog squats, Bent over row, inverted row, Shrugs, Calf raise, Single leg deadlift, Seated overhead press.

  • Should I Use a Smith Machine if I Am a Beginner?

    Smith Machines have safety catches that allow you to rack and unrack safely and easily from any point in whatever exercise you are doing. This makes Smith Machines great for beginners who are afraid to squat for example with a free barbell. The Smith Machine helps in achieving the correct posture and keeping the bar stable as it can only go up and down. This added support allows you to complete a stable squat, reducing pressure on your knees, lower back and joints.