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An inversion table provides inversion therapy, which works by relieving the pressure in the spine via decompression. Over time gravity causes the discs between our vertebrates to become compressed. Inversion tables tilt up to a 90-degree angle counteracting gravity and thereby allowing your spine to elongate and decompress. 

Gravity inversion tables are used widely in clinical and home settings as a natural non-invasive solution to ease neck and back pain and recover from back-related conditions such as pinched nerves, sciatica, bulging discs and herniated discs (also called slipped discs).

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Exercises Can You Do On An Inversion Table?

    To gain further benefit from your back inversion table, you can complete stretching exercises that help circulate fluid and further decompress different sections of the spine. Remember to only complete exercises that feel comfortable for you. Some movements you can complete on an inversion table are: 

    1. Pelvic tilt

    2. Rotating side to side

    3. Pec Minor Stretch

    4. Chin Tuck With Fingers Behind Head

  • How Long Should a Beginner Use an Inversion Table?

    Start with 1-2 minutes and an inversion angle between 20 - 30 degrees. It’s important just like any exercise program to start slowly and build up to longer sessions and increased inversion. It’s also very important to use your inversion table consistently over a period of time to feel the benefits.

  • Who Shouldn’t Use an Inversion Table?

    Before using a gravity inversion table you should always consult with your doctor or physiotherapist to find out if inversion tables are safe for you to use. If you have any of the below conditions, inversion tables should be avoided.

    1. High blood pressure

    2. Atherosclerosis

    3. Hypertension

    4. Glaucoma

    5. Fracture

    6. Previous spinal surgery

    7. Circulation issues