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At Orbit, we stock the highest quality yoga and Pilates equipment that you can use at home, in the studio or at the gym. Our yoga & Pilates equipment is suitable for beginners through to advanced users.

We stock a large range of Pilates equipment including Pilates reformers, aerobic steps, rotation discs, balance boards, fitness balls, foam rollers, Pilates mats and Pilates rings.

Pilates exercises will improve and strengthen your core whilst building on your flexibility, muscle strength and full-body endurance.

The term Pilates very much revolves around both mental and physical conditioning as the routines demand full focus and concentration which not only works on your physique but helps with your coordination and balance.

Our yoga props include yoga blocks, yoga mats and foam rollers. Yoga is a great form of exercise to increase flexibility, relieve stress and build strength. Our yoga accessories are durable and lightweight, so you can take them with you anywhere.

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We offer Fast Australia-wide shipping on all our Pilates equipment and yoga equipment. For further information check out our delivery information.

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At Orbit Fitness we offer flexible payment options on all of our yoga accessories and Pilates equipment. Get started on your Pilates and yoga exercises now and pay for them in small increments over time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Pilates Equipment Do I Need?

    Pilates can be performed traditionally on a mat using Pilates equipment such as:

    • Pilates rings
    • Rotation discs
    • Aerobic steps
    • Rotation discs
    • Balance boards
    • Fitness balls
    • Foam rollers

    The other type Pilates you can do is Reformer Pilates, which involves a Pilates Reformer machine. At Orbit Fitness, our range of Pilates reformers are suitable for studio and home use.

  • What Equipment Do You Need for Yoga?

    To get started, we recommend the following yoga equipment:

    • Yoga mat
    • Yoga block
    • Bolster
    • Yoga straps
  • Are Pilates and Yoga Similar?

    Pilates and yoga are similar in that they are bow low-intensity exercise forms. They differ in that yoga is heavily focussed on flexibility and stability, whereas Pilates aims to increase strength and stability.