Best Home Workout Routines for Fat Loss

Are you looking to get in shape but don’t want the hassle of the gym?

Working out in the privacy of your home has many benefits. Whether you feel more motivated or you don’t want to battle the crowds, home may be a better fit for many workouts.

For those that live busy lifestyles, the commute to a gym for a 20-minute session isn’t always practical. The cost of gym memberships can also be unmotivating.

Training at the gym is still beneficial. However, home workout routines mean you can train on your terms with the music as loud as you want! You don’t always need expensive home gym equipment to look and feel fit either. In fact, some of these workouts only use your body weight and inexpensive equipment to drive results.

If you’re looking to shape up and shred some weight, here are the best home workout exercises for fat loss.

High-Intensity Interval Training

Hight Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is effective for losing weight fast.

For those that are time-sensitive or want results quickly, HIIT is super-efficient. Some workouts can be completed in under five minutes and no gym equipment is needed.

HIIT workouts are practical because they can be achieved anywhere. Training high-intensity intervals torches calories (even after the workout is finished) and jumpstarts your metabolism. These workouts are also crucial for building a healthier heart and losing weight – not muscle.

If you have the right equipment, HIIT workouts can also be done using treadmillsrowers and exercise bikesAFL footballer Chris Mayne uses the Airforce 300 Pro Air Bike and Airforce Ergo 6.0 Rower to complete his HIIT routines.

For the best results, your HIIT workout must consist of cardio activity in 30-second intervals. Train hard and push yourself to the max for each interval. The quick bursts of all-out effort, followed by less active recovery periods gets your heart rate up and burn fat in less time.

#1 Workout - Home Gym + Exercise Bike

How: Start with a general warmup on your exercise bike at a low intensity for five minutes then move into the following routine. Repeat this circuit three-five times increasing the weight or reps so the muscle group that’s been exercised becomes fatigued. Finish with a five-minute cool down on the bike and some of our effective cool down exercises.

  1. Home gym chest press 5 plates x 10-15 reps

Bike 30-60 seconds medium pace

  1. Home gym leg extension 3 plates x 10-15 reps

Bike 30-60 seconds medium pace

  1. Home gym lat pulldown 5 plates x 10-15 reps

Bike 30-60 seconds medium pace

  1. Home gym triceps push down 3 plates x 10-15 reps

Bike 30-60 seconds medium pace

  1. Home gym upright row 4 plates x 10-15 reps

Bike 30-60 seconds medium pace

  1. Home gym bicep curls 3 plates x 10-15 reps

Bike 30-60 seconds medium pace

  1. Home gym standing leg curl 1 plate x 10-15 reps

Bike 30-60 seconds medium pace

#2 Workout - Aerobic Step

How: These cardio exercises can be mixed up or repeated as in for another few circuits. To boost your results, increase the number of reps you can complete in 20 seconds by lifting your speed.

  1. 20 seconds on: Burpees
    10 seconds off
    Repeat x2
  2. 20 seconds on: Steps
    10 seconds off
    Repeat x2
  3. 20 seconds on: Push-ups
    10 seconds off
    Repeat x2
  4. 20 seconds on: Lunges
    10 seconds off

Repeat x2

  1. 20 seconds on: Squats
    10 seconds off

Repeat x2

If you’re new to HIIT workouts, try one workout per week and increase to three-five times max. HIIT works are physically demanding, so make sure you build your cardio fitness slowly to avoid overdoing it.

Bodyweight Circuits

Bodyweight workouts consist of fat-burning exercises to help you lose weight. These routines require no equipment and involve high-intensity, calorie-incinerating exercises.

Weight loss should be about building muscle as well. Bodyweight exercises are a type of strength training, which is essential for rebuilding muscle wear and tear. If you’re looking to build muscle as well as lose fat, weight training must be incorporated into your fitness regime. 

#1 Workout

How: Do each set of exercises after the next without rest. Record your time and repeat three-four times. Aim to beat your time each week to push results further.

  1. Bodyweight squats x15
  2. Jump squats x15
  3. Reverse lunges x10
  4. Sumo lunges x10

#2 Workout 

How: Can either be performed as a ladder sequence or in reps of 10-15. Ladder sequences involve doing one of each exercise, then two, continually increasing until you get up to 10. Then go back down from 10 to one.

  1. Triceps dip
  2. Jump lunges
  3. Leg raises
  4. Ski abs

Again, you can switch the exercises up each workout to add variety. Other good bodyweight exercises for fat loss and body tone include high knees, push-ups, pull-ups, bicycle crunches and planks.

Bench and Dumbbells Strength Workout

Basic equipment can be used to build strength, diminish fat and boost overall fitness.  

Having only a few tools at your disposal is all you need for a good ab, butt and leg workout. Open workout benches and a set of dumbbells can be more than enough to get fat loss results.

#1 Workout - Dumbbells + Kettlebell

How: If you are using dumbbells, start small and increase the weight as you decrease the number of reps for each workout. This will help to build endurance and strength, whilst shredding calories as well. Repeat three-four times.

  1. Hammer bench chest press x10
  2. Lateral bench hops x10
  3. Romanian deadlifts x10
  4. Squat and dumbbell shoulder press x10
  5. Kettlebell lifts x 10

Pro Tip: By adding a dumbbell shoulder press, you will achieve a caloric burn. Perform a normal squat and as you come up, press the dumbbells up until you reach the top of the squat.

#2 Workout - Dumbbells

How: Same as workout structure one.

  1. Walking dumbbell lunge and hammer curl x10
  2. Seated Russian twist x15
  3. Bicep curls x15
  4. Weighted squats x10

Pro Tip: The heavier the weight with the walking dumbbell lunge, the more caloric burn. The hammer curl added to the reps will help to stabilise your core and work your biceps and forearms.

Functional Training

Functional training focuses on building flexibility, mobility, core stability, balance and strength. Because this type of training involves compound exercises that mimic real-life movements with the aim to make daily activities easier.

Function training is also good for burning fat and increasing endurance.

#1 Workout 

How: Typical functional training workouts include exercises for every important movement pattern. Activities can be mixed up to add variety to workouts. Repeat three to four times.

  1. Push-ups x10
  2. Dumbbell step-up x10 (use bench or aerobic step)
  3. Medicine ball squat with overhead lift x10
  4. Stair climb with bicep curl x10
  5. Ab power wheel Russian twists x 10

#2 Workout 

How: Do four laps of the following circuit with no rest in between. Rest between circuits for three-five minutes and repeat.

  1. Burpees x10
  2. Squats x15
  3. Planks x15 seconds
  4. Lunges x15

Once you feel confident with the above at-home workouts, you can create your own workouts from a range of fat-burning exercises with or without equipment.

Published on 22/08/2018

Last updated on 12/11/2021

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